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Easy Splints

The Easy Splint is an easy- to- use, reusable and customizable splint. Do not struggle to cut and shape PVC pipe; the easy splint is already molded to the shape of the horse’s leg.

This splint is available in several sizes and conforms to the posterior of the horse’s lower front leg, Constructed of rugged copolymer plastic, it is comparable in strength to PVC pipe, but less brittle and easier to modify.

The splint is set in a neutral position, slightly oversized to accommodate a thick wrap, and gently flared at the edges to minimize pressure. If adjustments or customization is needed , heat with hat gun or trim with a hack saw.

Advantages of the Easy Splint:

  • Conforms to shape of horse’s leg
  • Available in variety of sizes
  • Smooth flared edges decrease incidence of rubbing and pressure sores
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to modify
  • Durable, reusable

Available Sizes

Small (7’’ mid fetlock to floor) large ponies, small horse

Medium (8’mid fetlock to floor) Arab, Quarter horse, Thoroughbreds, etc

Large (9’’ mid fetlock to floor) Large Thoroughbreds, large breeds

Here at Veterinary Inclusive Prosthetics Orthotics we offer all of our Boots, Braces, and Splints custom as well as prefabricated. We are here to accommodate you and your horse’s specific needs