We guarantee the workmanship and materials of our products.  The veterinary professional should contact us if dissatisfied for any reason.

About us

Veterinary Inclusive Prosthetics Orthotics, previously known as Equine Bracing Solutions, was originally founded in 2000 in Trumansburg, New York by Ronnie Graves and has moved to Bushnell Florida under the ownership of Ronnie Graves/ Prosthetics Research Specialists, Inc. Veterinary Inclusive Prosthetics Orthotics is dedicated to providing up-to-date orthotic care for horses and other animals.  Primary uses for bracing are fractures, correcting deformities, wound and pain management, and stabilization in emergencies.

Bob Frank, the previous owner, is an orthotist/prosthetist certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics with 41 years experience in the neurosurgical and orthopedic community.  For eleven years he has been working with a variety of animals, primarily horses, for the veterinary community. Bob has adapted orthopedic designs, techniques, materials and methods for veterinary use.

FOX 35 News Orlando;

Ronnie Graves, the current owner, is a BOC Prosthetist and Orthotist, and an ABC Orthotist, a Florida Licensed Orthotist and Prosthetist along with being an ABC Certified Technician in Prosthetics with 41 years of experience. 23 years of experience of working with animals in custom Orthotics and Prosthetics. We have made everything from a prosthesis for a Chihuahua, and set of wheels for a Goose, to a brace for a 1600 pound horse.



Here at Veterinary Inclusive Prosthetics Orthotics we offer all of our Boots, Braces, and Splints custom as well as prefabricated. We are here to accommodate you and your horse’s specific needs