Gone are the days of euthanizing your horse, cow or mule due to a leg injury. Modern technology has advanced to the point of being able to assist animals with limb problems.

Ronnie N. Graves   LPO, RTP, BOCPO, ABC CO (on the right ) 
LPO ( Florida Licensed Prosthetist & Orthotist )
RTP  ( ABC Registered Technician in Prosthetics )
BOCPO      Prosthetist/Orthotist  (National credentialing organization)
ABC CO     Orthotist                   (National credentialing organization)
                         pictured with
 DR Douglas Davenport DVM ( center background )

and Terese, owner of Tyson at the Lazy RT Ranch

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Sitka's Walking Again


Belmont suffers from an old knee fracture and Arthritis and every step was taken in agony.
To see him walk again is truly amazing. Look at Belmont walking again






Sitka is finally able to walk comfortably. Her first steps were so amazing that most of the folks witnessing it had tears in their eyes. Jill Curtis and the Shiloh Horse Rescue are to be commended for working so hard to help her. Sitka Walking Again




Tyson suffered a shoulder injury that kept him from being able to extend and lock his front leg so he could stand up. The owners and Dr. Davenport were not thrilled at what had been put on him, so Dr Davenport contacted us to help this 8 month old Quarter horse colt. A two piece clamshell laminated brace was made overnight and applied the next day. 10 short days later, Tyson was able to walk without the aid of any bracing.


Joc is an old old small horse that suffers from Severe Bowed Tendon on his left front leg. His owner could not bear to think about putting him down. We made a combination Prosthesis and Orthosis. We used his existing limb and added a hoof replacement under him to allow him to return to his correct height.




Scarlett injured her leg by stepping in a hole just outside the barn. She was the first Knee brace for a horse we ever made. She had been stabled and put in a sling for a year before we made the device. Once she saw it wasn't hurting her, she walked with no limp at all. 12 months later she has the lead mare position back from the herd.



Hoppy came in with no leg and all on one side. Nothing was left to attach to. What in the world were we to do?

Check out her web page to see the answer




Big is a very big horse has Arthritis in his front leg knee. He was a show horse that was very vain. He even chose his own tack for the day or he did not go into the ring. Look at his page and see how far we could straighten his leg without pain.




Samantha suffers from Arthritis in her front legs. Bilateral braces were prescribed to help her. It can be very difficult to get any animal to accept external devices.



Luigi is a miniature Sicilian Donkey. He is a true treasure to work with. Ronnie and Linda Graves actually adopted this guy. Check out his story.


Kookie suffered from a leg fracture that would not heal. Her parents wanted her to be able to walk. Her leg was amputated with Ronnie Graves present to assist the surgeon on the best type of closure and bone structure for the limb to fit onto. A tiny socket was made and a pencil was attached with the eraser tip being the bottom. It allowed her to walk without slipping. She gets along quite well without the prosthesis also.


Aaron's story is a very sad one to start but it finishes quite well. He and his caregivers spirit and determination are to be commended.


This Alpaca had a severed tendon and required casting from the hip to the toe.

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